How To Write A Blog About Social Media With AI Content Writing Software?

Published Sep 21, 21
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how to start a blog with AI content writing software?

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3. Deliver Advice That’s Easy to Consume and Impossible to Ignore Okay, you’re doing great. You got readers to click on your headline, you lured them down the page with your intro, and now it’s time to deliver on all that you’ve promised. If you want readers to love you and look forward to every good blog post you write, you’ll over-deliver.

The choice is yours. Content Rule #1. Add Pitstops Subheads — use them. Why? Because readers are scanners. They have no choice. There’s a behemoth amount of content at their fingertips, and not all of it is good. And so they scan (as do you, I’m sure). Subheadings are your chance to prove to readers that your content holds value.

Blogging is a battle, remember? #1. Add a Subhead Every Few Paragraphs Sprinkle subheaders throughout your post. Why? Because they gently guide readers along the route your post is heading, making their experience feel clear, easy and enjoyable. And never forget, your blog posts are all about your readers’ experience.

how to write articles faster with AI content writing software?

It’s like getting on a bus tour and being told there will be no bathroom breaks … oh, the anxiety! Example: Every single post on Smart Blogger. Seriously. That’s how important this is. #2. Avoid the 3 Subhead Blunders That Make Readers Bounce Subheads have the same function as headlines; they must make readers curious so they keep reading.

Labels are boring. Treat your subheads like mini-headlines and make sure they invoke curiosity. Don’t give away too much in your subhead. If you do, readers will feel no compulsion to read the rest of your text. Don’t try to be too clever. Readers don’t like to play guessing games. how to write an engaging blog post with AI content writing software?.

Example: Let’s say you’re writing a post about the impact sleep has on anxiety levels and you include the following subheads: The Importance of Sleep Creating a Steady Sleeping Routine Will Reduce Anxiety Refuse the Roast and Catch More Z’s See how the first subhead is way too plain, the second gives too much away, and the third, well, it probably made no sense to you, right? The subheads below would do a better job at grabbing readers: The Easiest Way to Reduce Daily Anxiety How to Beat Anxiety Without Resorting to Medication The One Thing You Must Avoid to Sleep Better #3.

how to write a blog post fast with AI content writing software?

Again, if you’re viewing subheads as pit stops, they must all lead to the ultimate destination — what was promised by your headline. If the subheads get off track and move away from that destination, readers are left feeling lost and confused. In that case, either the subheads need to change or the headline needs rethinking.

It does not deliver on the overall headline, which had nothing to do with your day job. Perhaps you intended all along for the post to be about not letting doubts stop you from following your dreams and quitting your day job, but readers scanning subheads will not understand that.

how to write an informative blog with AI content writing software?how to write a blog post template with AI content writing software?

#4. Follow a Format If you are listing various “ways,” “steps,” “methods,” “signs,” etc., to achieve what the headline of the post promises, keep the format consistent. If you don’t, the post comes across as unpolished. AI copywriting software. Bloggers overlook this all the time, but it’s easy to fix once you’re aware of it.

how to write blog posts faster with AI content writing software?

Example: Say your post is called “12 Ways to Cure Insomnia” and you have a subhead for each of the 12 ways. You’ll want those subheads to follow a consistent format. Let’s say your first few subheads read as follows: Exercise Every Morning Avoid Caffeine Like the Plague Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday There is Nothing More Sleep-Inducing Than Nighttime Meditation Something there feel a little off? The first three subheads start with an action verb instructing readers what to do.

But then the fourth subhead suddenly changes the format and breaks the flow. It doesn’t start with a verb and it’s much longer than the others. This inconsistency may seem fairly innocent, but it’s distracting to readers. Content Rule #2. Unleash the Unexpected Let’s face it, readers today are info-holics.

So tired old advice isn’t going to cut it. how to write better blog posts with AI content writing software?. Your post must be unique, bold, and eye-opening. My advice? List your main points and see if you can add a unique perspective, experience, or twist to them. Something readers aren’t expecting. What belief systems have you learned to challenge? What do you know that most people don’t? How can you shed new light on an old problem? What methods do you use that others won’t know about? You don’t want to go overboard just for the sake of adding shock value.

how to write a better blog post with AI content writing software?

how to write in blog format with AI content writing software?how to write a post with AI content writing software?

But regurgitating old advice doesn’t challenge you as a writer, nor does it enlighten your audience. So pour your readers a little espresso for their info-hangover by delivering the unexpected. Example: Countless articles have been written about blogging, but how many have called you out for being dumb or told you to replace your friends?! Jon does just that by knocking you over the head with some hard truth bombs about what it takes to make it as a blogger.

Follow a Formula Notice how this post follows a pretty consistent formula? Each section is relatively similar in length. Every subhead follows a pattern - how to structure a blog post with AI content writing software?. Each section ends with an example. The more consistency you weave into your posts, the better the reader’s experience. Let’s say you write a list post covering five steps to achieve something.

As though you didn’t bother to proofread it before hitting publish. Your readers deserve the best, and minor details like this matter as they affect the fluidity of their experience. Want to go even more pro? Look at the beginning, middle, and end of each section you write, and create a guiding formula.

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